mardi 26 mars 2013

Capoera Poses pack

Because i really find it spectacular and pleasant to the eye ;), i decided to make a new sims3's pack of poses about Capoeira.
Capoeira is simultaneously a dance, a game and a martial art. And because nobody agrees on its origins and i like consensus, i'd say it's Afro-Brazilian as it was practiced by slaves from Africa.
If you want to learn more, you'll find all informations on specialized websites.
Don't worry, pictures, thumbmail and names of poses are in the archive file :). Enjoy my poses ;p
a_clarisse_capoera_01 and a_clarisse_capoera_02
a_clarisse_capoera_03 and a_clarisse_capoera_04

a_clarisse_capoera_05 and a_clarisse_capoera_06

a_clarisse_capoera_07 and a_clarisse_capoera_08

a_clarisse_capoera_09 and a_clarisse_capoera_10

a_clarisse_capoera_11 and a_clarisse_capoera_12

a_clarisse_capoera_13 and a_clarisse_capoera_14

You can make different compositions with these poses, as :

a_clarisse_capoera_03 and a_clarisse_capoera_05
a_clarisse_capoera_07 and a_clarisse_capoera_05
a_clarisse_capoera_07 and a_clarisse_capoera_11

PS : Thank you so much Kilhian for the Templar Cross tattoo, you made for me ;) that you can see with the pose 12. 
You can download it in her blog : Kilhian's Lair
For others tattoos, you can see the link in my Credit Section

NB : I made a spelling mistake, it's Capoeira with "i" and not Capoera. Sorry for that !

See you soon...:)

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  1. That is too cool Clarisse! They are just perfect! What inspired you to do Capoeira?

    1. Thank you Daijahv.
      I don't know exactly what inspired me the most. In fact, when I was in college (Junior High School in US), the capoeira club of my city came to an exhibition that I really enjoyed. Like, I'm curious, I inquired about this art and Brazil. A few years later, my father opened a business in Sao Paulo. And then, a few years ago, there was the year of Brazil in France, it was the opportunity to see lots of documentaries about Brazil. I think it stayed in the back of my memories and it resurfaced during the writing of my sims3'story.

    2. You're working on a story? C'est génial! How far into it are you? And share links when you're ready! I'd love to read it :)

    3. I finished writing the first season and start writing the second. I miss them still poses and objects before i started shooting and Kilhian helps me for some stuff. I like to have all poses ready, that's why i created this blog. Each poses is for my story, i only change characters, places and circumstances in order to keep a little bit of mystery.
      I'm gonna share the link when i'll shoot the first 5 episodes, that way i save time to continue writing and making poses :)
      You know it's my first sims3 story, and it wouldn't be epic but i try to do my best in reading the most tutorial i can because i dislike being unprepared.

  2. This is amazing o.o
    You managed to reproduce very accurately the movements of capoeira.
    Btw, I don't want to sound rude, but its capoeira, with i, But that makes no difference in your beautiful work <3
    I have the same question of Daijahv... What inspired you to do Capoeira poses?

    1. Thank you so much Juliana, and you're not rude.
      I make this mistake a long time, and the farthest back i can remember no one told me. This is a good thing, spelling is important. I don't know if i can change it without changing the links on other websites. But i will make the correction on the labels.

      As i wrote and told Daijahv, i don't know exactely what inspired me. I think it's a combination of all.

    2. Don't worry, dear... You made a great job!

  3. I love them!! I'm going to use them at some point for sure!!
    And yes I did spot the blond guy with the tattoo ;)
    Your guys have some pretty interesting tattoos...
    I need to stop drooling and get on with testing those!
    Thank youuuu!

    1. Thank you Kilhian.
      You want to transform Kilhian to Vincent Cassel in Ocean's twelve when he robs a
      I need to stop too, but you sent me the link to La boutique de Jean, so i can't stop...arrrggghhhhh

    2. A 6h du matin j'ai tilté que je t'avais écris en anglais... mais puisque je te dis que tu as un bon vocabulaire! xD En attendant j'ai bien ri, Vincent Cassel... ça donnerai quelque chose ça tient :p

      Quant à la boutque de Jean... guilty as charged! Tiens il faut que je m'en occupe aussi, histoire de faire exploser mon jeu.

  4. Absolument génial, bravo et merci !
    PS : où peut-on trouver les shorts des Sims ?
    Ils sont super avec les poses, je les veux ! ;-)


    1. Merci Cyp,
      Pour le short, ce n'est pas un contenu personnalisé, il vient avec le jeu. Par contre, je ne sais pas si c'est celui du jeu de base ou si je l'ai eu avec un Add-On ou un kit.
      Par contre, je ne pourrais pas faire de vérification dans le jeu avant demain soir.

    2. Bonjour Cyp,
      Excuse-moi de ne te répondre que maintenant.
      Pour le short, il vient du kit "Vie citadine" :)

  5. Thanks for making your amazing poses! They always look so natural, and they've proven great for many story situations. Impressive!

    I also appreciate the fact that you give us options in terms of what to download, especially when you include the previews (I don't use the pose list, but rather keep an archive since it's faster to type the names in).

    1. Thank you Mura, i'm glad you like my poses :)
      You know i download lots of custom contents and i like when creators give me choices and add thumbmails. Like that i can organize my CC and know what i have in my game.
      That's why i give options.

  6. Clarisseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh <33333333333333333333

    1. Saluuuttttt Minaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyaaaaaaaaaa,

      Merci ;)

  7. Absolutely great job! Congrats!