jeudi 20 juin 2013

Drop Dead Contest Poses pack

Hello Simmers!
Here is my new pack of poses.
I created this package because I won the contest "Drop Dead Contest" organized by Kilhian and Yuki.
In this contest, we have to create a pose and a more realistic picture about Dying. And since I do not like orphan poses and I only working by pack of poses, so I decided to tell you a little story that ends badly. Be aware that some poses may offend sensitive souls...

a_clarisse_dropdead_01a and a_clarisse_dropdead_01b

I have some problems with the "OMSP", i can't use it on my sims. So ! for this pose,  i made differents heights and the wall is not very suitable because i don't have in my game an object with the same height than the wall. You can see the height in the pictures within archive files.

a_clarisse_dropdead_02 with case accessory by Severinka

a_clarisse_dropdead_03 and 04 and 05

a_clarisse_dropdead_06_and 07 and 08

a_clarisse_dropdead_09 and 10 and 12

a_clarisse_dropdead_11 ... the Winning pose :)

a_clarisse_dropdead_11 ... Winning pose and picture 

Thank you Pomme-Kiwi from Sims-Artists for teaching me "how to improve my pictures".

Enjoy Sims 3 especially with the soon release of Sims 3 Island Paradise .... the wait is unbearable 

19 commentaires:

  1. I will probably never use these, but these are fantastic!!!!

    1. Ohh I'm sorry, i found your comment in my spam file (i don(t know why ?)...
      Thank you so much !!! I really appreciate ;-D

  2. Wow, the rest of the pack is really good too! So real looking like the first pose!

  3. These are amazing Clarisse! Really awesome job, thank you for sharing them :)

  4. great!!!! really a great job. Thanks

  5. These are so wicked! Thanks for sharing them. And congrats on winning the pose competition, you did an amazing job!

  6. Hi, I don't know if you are taking pose request but i would like to know if you could make a snorting drugs pose for sims 3, i am trying to found some but hasn't seen it yet. Well, sorry to bother and..thanks.